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Proper sleep, meet broad spectrum hemp

Discovery Pack with Hemp

Everyone's biochemistry is different.

Includes samples of Proper’s 4 most popular supplements.

There are 5-night doses (10 capsules of each) in each sample to allow you time to experience the full benefits and decide which works best for you.

$55.99 + free shipping

Our purpose

Help people lead happier and healthier lives by reintroducing them to the power of Proper sleep.

Who would have thought that something as simple as getting a good night’s sleep would feel like such an impossible task?

We believe everyone deserves Proper sleep.

So we created a new sleep wellness company.

One that goes beyond a quick-fix to help you build long-term sleep health.

One that understands that sleep is personal and considers your individual habits and lifestyle.

One that takes a holistic approach by combining high-quality supplements with coaching.