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Sleep isn't one-size-fits all. Neither is Proper.

Get better sleep and target additional health benefits with natural supplements containing clinically-backed ingredients at effective dosage levels. They're effective but gentle—and won't knock you out or leave you groggy.

Discovery Pack with Hemp

Everyone's biochemistry is different.

Includes samples of Proper’s 4 most popular supplements.

There are 5-night doses (10 capsules of each) in each sample to allow you time to experience the full benefits and decide which works best for you.

$55.99 + free shipping

Healthy sleep starts with quality ingredients at effective dosages

We partnered with our Scientific & Medical Advisory Council to develop the natural sleep aids based on clinical research, chemical ingredient breakdowns, and historical botanical applications.

Small but mighty

2 small, sugar-free capsules for easier swallowing without the >1 tsp of sugar in traditional sleep gummies.

Valerian Root

  • Causes an increase in chloride into the neuron
  • Ensures a less stimulated response
  • Allows GABA to perform its function longer

Sensoril® Ashwaghanda

  • Decreases cortisol, a key marker of stress
  • Reduces malondialdehyde (MDA), a key marker of oxidative stress
  • Relieves occasional sleeplessness


  • When GABA binds to its receptor (GABA-A), it renders the neuron less responsive to stimulation
  • Reduces excitability
  • Promotes relaxation + calmness

Our Head Supplement Scientist: Alice D. Hirschel, PhD

Dr. Alice D. Hirschel has 19 years of research and product formulation experience in the food and nutrition industry. She graduated with a BS in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Georgia and a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin. Realizing the role of nutrients in disease prevention, Dr. Hirschel continued her research at the USDA Human Nutrition Center for Aging at Tufts University. After 10 years of basic science research, Dr. Hirschel transitioned to formulating supplements as a Product Development Scientist at GNC. Dr. Hirschel currently works in technical, commercial and business development, learning to execute sales and marketing strategies with ABITEC Corp. Dr. Hirschel consults with food, nutrition and supplement companies in formulating a variety of delivery forms with a variety of active ingredients, developing clinical studies and reviewing scientific literature to support label claims, and to support creative and marketing efforts for ingredients and finished products.

Gene K., age 47

I tracked my sleep on my Fitbit before and after trying Proper, and I was shocked to find my minutes of deep sleep increased by nearly 70%.

Siobhan, age 42

I haven't slept past 3am in months. With Proper, I fell asleep immediately and woke up at 7:30am ready to party.

Steven, age 39

After 4 days of Proper, my sleep tracker showed my REM sleep doubling from 8-10% to 18%. I am no longer hitting that 3pm slump.

Pair natural sleep supplements with 1:1 adult sleep coaching for a holistic approach to long-term sleep health.